Service Fee
Account Savings Closed within 180 Days of Opening 25.00
Account Checking Closed Within 180 days of Opening 25.00
Account Balance Below Minimum Required 20.00/month
Account Balancing Assistance 20.00/hour
Account Research 20.00/hour
Account Levy/Citation/Garnishment Handling Fee 50.00
Bad Address/No Address Fee 5.00/month
Bell Pay (Online Bill Pay Service) FREE*

*FREE applies to active users $10 fee per month after 3 months of inactivity

Checking Account Fee Free when actively using two of the following services monthly:

  • Home Banking
  • E-Statements
  • 5 Debit Card swipes per month
  • Direct Deposit
  • Mobile Banking

A $2.00 monthly fee applies if two of the above services are not used monthly.

Copy of Statement of Account 5.00/month
Copy of Account History Print 3.00/month
Copy of Statement of Account from Microfilm 10.00/month
Credit Union Checks Drawn on Account for Personal Use 2.00
Debit Card Replacement 10.00
Debit Card – Overdraft Fee
If not opted out
Debit Card – Overdraft Transfer Fee 5.00
Debit Card “Rush” Fee $30.00
Dormant Account Fee
12 month inactivity
Fax 1.00/page
Loan Late Payment Fee 15.00
Money Orders/Corporate Checks 2.00
Mortgage Filing Fees Credit Union Cost
Mortgage Late Payment Fee 5% of outstanding balance
Home Improvement Document Fee 150.00
NSF Return Checks/ACH Returns 25.00
Overdraft Charge for Transfers 5.00
Overdraft Charge to Clear Check 10.00
Overdraft Charge to Clear ACH 10.00
Photocopy of Cancelled Check
Within 1 year
Photocopy of Cancelled Check
After 1 year
Stop Payment/Block Stop 15.00
ACH Stop Payment 25.00
Wire Transfers 25.00
Skip-A-Payment application processing fee 30.00
Non-member check Cashing Fee
(on-us & corporate on-us only)
GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) Insurance 400.00
Western Union 40.00
Collateralized Loan Origination Fee
Other than Home Improvement Loan