About Us

Danville Bell Credit Union is a local credit union with over 12 million in assets and a fast-growing membership.  Our mission, which drives our day-to-day operations, is to make a positive lasting difference in our members lives by providing financial opportunity.  We do this on a daily basis, whether it’s by providing loans to those in need of a brand new car, RV or just things you need to make your life better.  We strive to help you better understand how we can benefit you, not the other way around.  We also offer several types of savings accounts to those who have a savings goal including savings for your children.  It’s what we do.  People helping people!

Who can Join?

If you, or someone in your family lives or works in Vermilion County, you can be a member! Family members are always welcome.

We are a Credit Union

While credit unions offer the same products and services as banks do, we are different.  Our standards, goals and operations differ greatly.  Here is why:

You’re an owner

When you deposit money into a credit union savings account, you become a member and an owner. While other financial institutions pay profits to outside stockholders, credit unions return their net earnings to their own Members/Owners, through high dividends (interest) on savings and low loan rates.

It’s a private, not-for-profit institution

Credit unions typically have lower loan rates, pay higher dividends, and often have low or fewer fees because all their profits are returned to the membership, and the Board of Directors is volunteer.

Service is personal

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is ready to assist those members who prefer person-to-person service. Members who are not near a branch can rely on our Member Service Representatives who take care of members all over the world by fax, telephone, and e-mail.

We’re LOCAL!

When you support YOUR community credit union, you’re feeding money back into the community instead of keeping it in big city financial centers or overseas.

How Can You Join?

With $25.00 and a completed membership application, eligible people can open a share savings account. This $25.00 deposit represents your share in the credit union and must remain in the account for the duration of your membership. For your everyday transactions you will want a share draft or checking account and a debit card.  We also offer free online banking, free bill pay and free e-statements.  See any of our Credit Union Representatives today and get started.